January 23, 2013

To learn how NetApp® Data ONTAP® clustering provides the power to help you achieve nondisruptive operations and deliver impact faster, join our event: Set Your Sights on an Agile Data Infrastructure.


Agile Data Infrastructure

We are entering a new era in which agility is fundamental to business success. To turn IT from a cost center into a center for innovation requires a new approach to storage. It requires intelligent management, immortal operations, and infinite scaling — the attributes of an agile data infrastructure.

You gain a competitive advantage when IT is agile. You can innovate faster and get to market sooner. You can operate more efficiently and cost effectively. You can make better use of your data and grow your business without limits. No other vendor enables an agile data infrastructure that makes intelligent management, immortal operations, and infinite scalability possible.

Join NetApp executives, strategic Alliance partners, customers and leading industry analysts as we explore how you can transform data growth into business opportunity and use an agile data infrastructure built on NetApp as a platform for innovation and success.

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Photo of Karl  Breuer

Karl Breuer

Director Specialist Sales, Team Client and Datacenter, Microsoft

Photo of Alexander  Jany

Alexander Jany

Leiter IT, Langenscheidt

Photo of Andreas  Limpak

Andreas Limpak

Senior Manager SE, NetApp

Photo of Ralf  Lindenlaub

Ralf Lindenlaub

Vice President Value Prototyping / Center of Excellence, SAP AG

Photo of Dennis  Nikles

Dennis Nikles

Director Solution Design, Bid- & Transitionmanagement, Freudenberg IT

Photo of Alexander  Wallner

Alexander Wallner

Area Vice President CEMA, NetApp

Photo of Peter  Wüst

Peter Wüst

Senior Director Emerging Solutions and Innovation Group EMEA, NetApp